CAUDIT offers this eResearch Services store as a repository of information relating to eResearch services available to researchers within the Australian Higher Education and Research environments. The store provides a single information source of discoverable eResearch services which exemplify the level of innovation and development in eResearch services by the Australian research community.

  • Data Fabric Thumbnail
    Data Fabric
    Store, maintain and share your data
  • Compute Cloud and Grid Thumbnail
    Compute Cloud and Grid
    Access a range of High-Performance Cluster Cluster systems across Australia and New Zealand
  • AARNet CloudStor Thumbnail
    AARNet CloudStor
    AARNet CloudStor is a web service for transporting oversize data loads
  • Publish My Data Thumbnail
    Publish My Data
    Publish My Data allows Australian researchers to publicise the existence of research collections via the internet.
  • Research Data Australia Thumbnail
    Research Data Australia
    Research Data Australia is a discovery service for Australian research data and a window onto the Australian Research Data Commons
  • Identify My Data Thumbnail
    Identify My Data
    Automatically assign globally unique citable identifiers to your datasets, collections, and papers
  • Australian Synchrotron Virtual Beamline Gateway Thumbnail
    Australian Synchrotron Virtual Beamline Gateway
    Remotely monitor and manipulate beamline experiments
  • Video Collaboration Thumbnail
    Video Collaboration
    Free video collaboration systems for researchers throughout Australia
  • eduroam Thumbnail
    Easy and secure wireless network access when you are visiting another participating institution

eResearch services are services utilising ICT to improve outputs from or accelerate investigation of research activities. The objectives of the eResearch services store are: